QMRA for affiliates with a focus on Denmark

QMRA is available for your country! Below, you can find the specific QMRA code which our consultants use to conduct the compliance procedures:

The practices described below are specifically aimed at online casino affiliates who focus on entering into partnerships with in Denmark licensed gambling providers. The online casino affiliate is required to comply with all the points below.


1. Channelling objectives

  • The affiliate shall not advertise unlicensed offerings of gambling operators. The affiliate shall only advertise in the native language(s) of the autonomous region that the operator holds a license.
  • The affiliate shall only aim its advertisements at the respective autonomous regions that the operator has a license for. The affiliate shall never imply that it is a ‘’good idea’’ to partake in the illegal offer for the region.


2. Responsible advertising

  • The affiliate shall not aim advertising activities at persons under the age of 18 or self-excluded persons, even if the age limit for the game is 16+.
  • The affiliate shall fulfil their duty of disclosure by providing the following information in the native language of the autonomous region:
  • The age limits of the game;
  • The helpline for responsible gambling of the DGA, StopSpillet;
  • The possibility of self-exclusion using ROFUS;
  • The label of the DGA and a link to their website;
  • The relevant conditions of the promotion.
    • The relevant information regarding the duty to disclose ROFUS and Stopspillet must at least be the telephone number of the service, portraying the most recent unaltered logo in colour, portray the logo in such a way that it is clear that the service is offered by the DGA and a description of the service. The affiliate shall not deviate from these requirements in any way, shape or form.
    • The affiliate shall not use a form of advertising that impedes the ability of the affiliate to comply with the duty of disclosure. Any information that cannot be provided in the advertisement must be one click away.
    • The affiliate shall not advertise the offer of an operator on social media without its permission or instruction.
    • Direct marketing, in any way, shape or form, may not be carried out by the affiliate. Newsletters may not contain any advertising or information regarding the gambling offer of an operator.
    • The affiliate shall not promote any bonus or other sales offers that are suspected to not be available to at least 100 consumers.


3. Careful and balanced design

  • The affiliate shall portray the gambling offer as a form of entertainment and not as an activity that may be a solution for financial problems, gaining social acceptance or has made well-known individuals rich (unless this is factual).
  • The affiliate shall not mislead individuals regarding the odds of winning or the rules of the game.
  • The affiliate shall not advertise or suggest taking out personal credit or loans on their website.


4. Contributing to responsible gaming

  • The affiliate shall offer a webpage on their website with the topic ‘’responsible gaming’’. This webpage shall not advertise any gambling, but only provide information on gambling addiction, responsible gambling and the effects of a gambling addiction on the individual.
  • The webpage shall also include the means to find help or further information regarding a gambling addiction. Additionally, a self-test, all official services offered by the DGA and the DGA shall be referenced.

QMRA is more than just a logo

Behind QMRA, there is a team of legal specialists. Applicants for QMRA can rely on actual compliance checks of their websites. These checks are conducted annually, in addition to random sampling. This demonstrates that an affiliate with QMRA operates in accordance with the applicable legislation within the respective jurisdiction.