Want to become a QMRA member?

Great! But first, we need some information. Please fill out the below form carefully so we can start our compliance procedures. After filling out the form, you will receive an invoice within 7 days; after which a QMRA consultant will contact you in a timely manner about possible feedback and/or QMRA certification of your affiliate website(s).

Follow these steps to
become a member

QMRA isn’t merely a token endorsement given for liking your website. Our organization employs legal consultants who meticulously analyze your website. The process involves the following steps:

Submit your affiliate site(s).

The Affiliate submits the affiliate site(s), through the contact form below. We work according to the ‘per website principle’: the affiliate applies per website. This way we can be sure that we have looked at the site that has our Quality Mark on it.

Receive info, pay to apply.

The Affiliate will receive general information about the application procedure from us, and will pay an invoice of 695,00 Euro (per website).

Legal team

Our Legal Team will conduct a thorough compliance check of the offered Affiliate site(s). An extensive report will be written, based upon the relevant Online Gambling legislation (summarized in the specific market codes).

Act on initial feedback.

Most likely, the first report will contain feedback on compliance. We will send the report to the person responsible, and our legal team will assist wherever possible.

Improve, Get Second Check.

The Affiliate will process the feedback, after which our legal team will set up another report during the second compliance check. If everything is in accordance with the relevant QMRA code, the Affiliate will receive the second report (which can be shared with operators/partners), explaining in what way the Affiliate works compliant to the legislation. The Affiliate will also receive the QMRA Logo Pack, with permission to place the logo (with hyperlink to the QMRA website) on the Affiliate Website(s).

Display our logo, renew optionally.

The Affiliate can have the logo present on the Affiliate website(s) for a year. After this year, extension is needed. Our legal team will then conduct a full compliance check (with report), for which the going rate is 695,00 Euro as well (595,00 Euro for three websites or more).