QMRA for affiliates with a focus on Norway

QMRA is available for your country! Below, you can find the specific QMRA code which our consultants use to conduct the compliance procedures:

The practices described below are specifically aimed at online casino affiliates who focus on entering into partnerships with in Norway licensed gambling providers. The online casino affiliate is required to comply with all the points below.


1. Channelling objectives

  • The affiliate shall not advertise for operators other than Norsk Tipping AS, Norsk Rikstoto and the operator hosting the annual National Poker Championship (as long as the poker event lasts).
  • The affiliate shall not assist or facilitate the participation of Norwegian citizens in unlicensed gambling offers.
  • The affiliate shall cooperate with licensed operators to adjust their marketing activities to the pressure of recruitment activities undertaken by unlicensed operators.


2. Responsible advertising

  • The affiliate shall indicate the age limit of games by using an 18+ characteristic in advertising for these games, as well as add the contact information of the national helpline.
  • The affiliate shall not make use of persons under the age of 18 in their advertising activities.
  • The affiliate shall not employ direct marketing for gambling activities.
  • The affiliate shall not target minors or self-excluded persons in their advertising.


3. Careful and balanced design

  • The affiliate shall incorporate a responsible design in their marketing efforts. To this end, higher risk gambling activities shall contain more information on responsible gambling.
  • The affiliate shall be moderate in scope in their marketing efforts. The affiliate shall discourage players from using a disproportionate percentage of their net income.
  • The affiliate shall not use call-to-actions aside from the bare minimum for channeling purposes when marketing for large prizes.
  • The affiliate shall be balanced and transparent in its marketing and ancillary activities.
  • The affiliate shall not use the fact that some of the profits of gambling go to non-profit causes in their marketing.


4. Prohibited marketing

  • The affiliate shall not glorify gambling, nor claim that it can bring social acceptance or that it has contributed to the success of a famous person.
  • The affiliate shall not trivialize gambling by comparing it to consumer purchases, nor state that it can solve financial problems or be a business.
  • The affiliate shall not state or portray gambling as risk free nor encourage players to recoup losses by gambling more.
  • The affiliate shall not advertise in an unreasonably intrusive or aggressive form, intent or content.
  • The affiliate shall not market Norsk Tipping’s Kong Casino and Bingoria.

QMRA is more than just a logo

Behind QMRA, there is a team of legal specialists. Applicants for QMRA can rely on actual compliance checks of their websites. These checks are conducted annually, in addition to random sampling. This demonstrates that an affiliate with QMRA operates in accordance with the applicable legislation within the respective jurisdiction.