QMRA for affiliates with a focus on Poland

QMRA is available for your country! Below, you can find the specific QMRA code which our consultants use to conduct the compliance procedures:

The practices described below are specifically aimed at online casino / bookmaker affiliates who focus on entering into partnerships with gambling providers licensed in Poland. The online casino affiliate is required to comply with all the points below.


1.    Channelling objectives

  • The affiliate shall only advertise for in Poland licensed operators on its channels.
  • If the affiliate provides coverage on illegal operators, it shall remain only objective and factual. The messages shall be devoid of any elements or statements that are advertising in nature or may give the impression that it is a ‘’good idea’’ to partake in the unlicensed offer of these operators.


2.    Responsible advertising

  • The affiliate shall not target people under the age of 18 in their marketing activities by design or intent.
  • Advertising activities shall not include minors, show minors in close relation to gambling or imply that minors are (in)directly included in gambling in any way.
  • Advertisements shall not be applied or formed in such a way as to make it likely that a minor shall view the advertising activity.


3.    Careful and Balanced design

  • The affiliate ensures careful and balanced design of advertising and/or marketing expressions.
  • The affiliate does not advertise or promote for cylindrical games (commonly referred to as roulette), card games, dice games, betting and games on gaming machines.
  • When writing about games as described under point 3.2, the content shall remain objective. No call-to-actions shall be used and the affiliate shall refrain from using any graphic representation of the game.
  • The affiliate shall not claim that gambling has a calming or relaxing effect.
  • The affiliate shall not portray gambling as a solution to personal or financial problems.
  • The affiliate shall not portray moderate participation in gambling in a negative way.
  • The affiliate shall not relate their advertising in any way to sexual attractiveness, relaxation or leisure, learning or work, professional, life or financial success.


4.    Preventing Deception

  • The affiliate shall ensure transparency and clarity regarding the promoted offer and ancillary activities outside of advertising games of chance. To this end, the design and content of the messaging shall not omit important information or otherwise create an unrealistic/incorrect impression of a gambling offer.
  • The affiliate shall not claim or suggest that winning in gambling is simple or easy.
  • The affiliate shall not claim or suggest that gambling is related to physical or intellectual prowess.
  • The affiliate shall not encourage playing with higher stakes as a means to increase the odds of winning a prize.


5.    Contributing to responsible gaming

  • The affiliate shall include in their advertising a message on gambling-related risk, the consequences of participation in illegal gambling games and the applicable permit for arranging betting.

QMRA is more than just a logo

Behind QMRA, there is a team of legal specialists. Applicants for QMRA can rely on actual compliance checks of their websites. These checks are conducted annually, in addition to random sampling. This demonstrates that an affiliate with QMRA operates in accordance with the applicable legislation within the respective jurisdiction.