The practices for a responsible Estonian online casino affiliate

The practices described below are specifically aimed at online casino affiliates who focus on entering into partnerships with in Estonia licensed gambling providers. The online casino affiliate is required to comply with all the points below.

1.    Channeling objectives

  • The affiliate shall not promote the offer of operators that do not have a valid license in Estonia.
  • The affiliate shall not assist or facilitate the participation of Estonian citizens in unlicensed gambling offers.
  • The affiliate shall not make use of brand imagery, call-to-actions or make other references to the website and offer of unlicensed operators.

2.     Responsible advertising

  • The affiliate shall never aim their activities at persons that have not reached the age of 18 and shall be mindful of the design of their activities, as to not directly or indirectly target or exploit minors.
  • The affiliate shall add an 18+ characteristic to every webpage of their website and to any activities on social media Regarding gambling. The characteristic shall be clearly identifiable and visible to the consumer.
  • The affiliate must have the Estonian warning text visible on every webpage and text regarding gambling, the text must exactly be: “Attention! This is an advertisement of gambling. Gambling is not a suitable means for solving financial problems. Examine the rules and behave responsibly!”. In case the advertisement is in Estonian the warning text must be Estonian: “Tähelepanu! Tegemist on hasartmängu reklaamiga. Hasartmäng pole sobiv viis rahaliste probleemide lahendamiseks. Tutvuge reeglitega ja käituge vastutustundlikult!”.
  • The affiliate shall not aversely influence excluded persons in a way that may convince or encourage them to start gambling, discourage them from further self-exclusion or target them in any marketing activity targeted at advertising games of chance.

3.     Careful and balanced design

  • All activities shall use no uncertain terms or mislead the consumer as to the nature, workings, prizes, risks and odds of the offer of an operator.
  • The affiliate may only objectively describe the in Estonia licensed gambling offer and but may not mention the specific games of chances that are offered, may not express the chances of winning and may not contain an invitation to participate in the offer of a gambling provider.
  • The affiliate shall not imply or state that the consumer may have a predominant influence on the outcome of a game of chance, or that the outcome may be influenced in any other way other than chance.
  • The affiliate shall not claim that the participation in gambling may lead to financial or personal success.
  • Affiliate may not make use of superlatives and other inviting phrases such as: come and play, come and try, bet here, play now, win, be the first, super offer, fast payout, payouts in x minutes.

4.     Contributing to responsible gaming

  • The affiliate shall share information regarding the risks associated with gambling for money.
  • The affiliate shall share information and the means to get help with a (developing) gambling addiction.

QMRA is more than just a logo

Behind QMRA, there is a team of legal specialists. Applicants for QMRA can rely on actual compliance checks of their websites. These checks are conducted annually, in addition to random sampling. This demonstrates that an affiliate with QMRA operates in accordance with the applicable legislation within the respective jurisdiction.