The practices for a responsible United Kingdom online casino affiliate

The practices described below are specifically aimed at online casino affiliates who focus on entering into partnerships with in the UK licensed gambling providers. The online casino affiliate is required to comply with all the points below.

1. Channelling objectives

  • The affiliate shall advertise for only in the UK licensed operators on its channels.
  • The affiliate can discuss unlicensed operators only if they remain objective and factual. The messages shall be devoid of any elements or statements that are advertising in nature or may give the impression it to be a ‘’good idea’’ to partake in the unlicensed offer of these operators.


2. Responsible advertising

  • The affiliate shall provide a clear and appropriate 18+ characteristic that is clearly visible on the website. Any other channel used for advertising shall include a clear 18+ characteristic in the messaging.
  • Social media channels shall make use of age targeting where possible, through age filters or other means that are available to the affiliate.
  • The affiliate shall not target vulnerable groups, limiting pixels/cookies to not allow advertising indefinitely, and must require a double opt-in to any Email marketing.
  • The affiliate shall aim its advertising activities only at persons that are 18 or above. Any sponsor/influencer/advertising marketing shall only be used if the people shown are above the age of 25.


3. Careful and balanced design

  • The affiliate ensures careful and balanced design of advertising and/or marketing expressions.
  • The affiliate shall not promote gambling in such a way that creates urgency, leads to impulsive decision making, irresponsible gambling or excessive participation in any way. These after effects, as well as the risks involved, may not be downplayed or trivialized.
  • The affiliate shall not promote, imply or state that gambling is a method to solve financial problems, solve personal problems, improve personal qualities or provide public acceptance.


4. Preventing deception

  • The affiliate shall ensure transparency and clarity on the promoted offer and ancillary activities outside of advertising games of chance. To this end, the design and content of the messaging may not omit important information or otherwise create an unrealistic/incorrect impression of the gambling offer.
  • The affiliate shall disclose its marketing and affiliation activities on the relevant channels. If the affiliate uses direct marketing, it shall disclose the data collected and the rights of the data subjects.


5. Contributing to responsible gaming

  • The affiliate shall provide information regarding responsible gambling on its website. The information will be offered in an appropriate, clear and easy to find method of delivery. On webpages containing this information, no advertising or (hidden) call-to-actions may be placed.
  • The affiliate shall provide means of help regarding gambling addiction, at least referencing the possibility of self-exclusion and a number of external parties regarding the remedy of gambling addiction.
  • To this end, the affiliate will provide the means and reference relevant information on help for gambling addiction and gambling addiction care. The affiliate shall also reference the website of the Gambling commission.

QMRA is more than just a logo

Behind QMRA, there is a team of legal specialists. Applicants for QMRA can rely on actual compliance checks of their websites. These checks are conducted annually, in addition to random sampling. This demonstrates that an affiliate with QMRA operates in accordance with the applicable legislation within the respective jurisdiction.