Quality Mark Responsible Affiliates (QMRA) was launched in February 2024 to adapt to the increasingly stringent compliance requirements within the iGaming sector. Because QMRA is based on actual compliance checks, membership contributes to the following:

– Displaying the quality mark in the footer of your affiliate website instills trust in website visitors (consumers).

– Displaying the quality mark instills trust in operators.

– Displaying the quality mark instills trust in regulators.

QMRA membership demonstrates that as an affiliate, you prioritize compliance with laws and regulations. Therefore, it serves as an indication that you are a reliable and serious affiliate.

Above, the benefits of membership have been outlined broadly. In this article, we will delve deeper into these benefits after providing an explanation of the reasons for establishing QMRA and its operational structure.


QMRA is available for the following markets:

Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Norway, United States (Michigan), United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Estonia. Join us by filling in our application form.


Evidence based: Read about KVA (Dutch Quality Mark) to understand QMRA better

Relatively recently, in April 2021, it became possible for online casinos to apply for a license in the Dutch online gaming sector. On October 1, 2021, the Dutch market officially opened. With the Dutch ‘Besluit Kansspelen op afstand’ (Dutch Decree for iGaming), there was officially a regulated market. The Netherlands was one of the last European countries to opt for the regulation of online gaming. Since the market opened, at the time of writing, there are now 27 active license holders for offering online gaming in the Netherlands. Not all of these license holders actually have an active website.

Where affiliation has always been inherent to the online gaming sector, this was no different for the Dutch regulated market. However, in the Netherlands, affiliates were not very well regarded. Even before regulation, affiliates were active, referring Dutch consumers to the ‘grey market’. While many parties did this fairly, there were also many affiliates who used aggressive tactics for this purpose.

The former chairman of the Dutch Gambling Authority (Marja Appelman), described affiliates in the run-up to the regulated market as cowboys.

With the concrete knowledge of the impending market opening, many operators began to consider marketing strategies. Some operators still had some skepticism about working with affiliates. Because there were also many affiliates who acted professionally and with integrity, it was extra important to take action. The idea for a Quality Mark for Dutch iGaming affiliates was born: the ‘Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates (KVA).’

KVA: A ‘success story Quality Mark’ for Dutch iGaming Affiliates

In September 2021, the KVA was launched. Within a short period, several affiliates joined the quality mark. The well-known Dutch websites CasinoNieuws.nl, MeneerCasino.com, and OneTime.nl were the founding members. Shortly after these websites, many different applications were submitted. At the time of writing, KVA has more than 85 affiliates as members, including larger internationally known websites such as:

  • Gambling.Com;
  • Casino.Org;
  • Time2Play.Com.

KVA is based on actual compliance checks for the affiliate members. This means that applicants submit a website (or multiple websites), after which the KVA Compliance Team checks the websites for compliance with Dutch laws and regulations. Upon approval of the website (based on the legislation-based KVA code), the affiliate receives the quality mark for a duration of one year. It can then be renewed.

To ensure that the KVA functions optimally, an Advisory Board has also been established to advise on various issues. This Advisory Board consists of experienced industry specialists: Yvon Jansma (Director of ‘Centrum voor Verantwoord Gokken’), Peter-Paul de Goeij (Director of the ‘Netherlands Online Gambling Association’), Bjorn Fuchs (Chief Digital Officer for the ‘Janshen-Hahnraths Group’), and Anne-Jaap Snijders (former Kindred CCO, now iGaming & Sports media consultant, ‘Book of Sports’).

At this moment, various operators with a license for the Dutch market recognize KVA. Some of them even decided to make KVA mandatory for their affiliates. Operators who recognize KVA, and/or work with KVA:

  • Bet365;
  • 711;
  • 777 Casino;
  • Betnation;
  • Unibet;
  • Circus;
  • Bingoal;
  • LeoVegas;
  • Jack’s;

All in all, the KVA has demonstrated its ability to add real value for its members. Dutch affiliates are no longer seen as a negative aspect of the sector. Both consumers, the authorities, and operators recognize, upon seeing the KVA quality mark, that it represents a trustworthy affiliate.


QMRA: a successful launch because of KVA evidence

KVA has shown to be a successful and important part of the Dutch iGaming industry. This KVA evidence led to a very successful launch for QMRA as well. Right after launch, various well known international iGaming affiliate companies showed confidence in QMRA and applied. Among them:

Various well known iGaming news outlets wrote about the QMRA launch: Gambling Insider, iGB Affiliate, CasinoBeats, European Gaming and iGaming Future among others.


How does QMRA work? Compliance based Quality Mark for iGaming Affiliates

QMRA is a compliance quality mark. This means that compliance checks will be conducted before an iGaming affiliate will receive the quality mark. The compliance checks will be based on the QMRA codes for the available jurisdictions:

Behind QMRA is the legal consultancy company XY Legal Solutions. Extensive research has been conducted by iGaming specialist consultants to write the QMRA iGaming Codes. Examples:

For Denmark, the Danish Act on Gambling was the basis for the Denmark QMRA Code. Article 3 sub 1 of the Danish Gambling Act states that only licensed gambling operators may legally offer their services within Denmark. The Danish Gambling Authority published a guideline on marketing, explaining possibilities for affiliates as well. For instance, the Gude on Sales Promotion version 4.1. is interesting to affiliates. A Guide on Duty of Disclosure has been published by the Danish Gambling Authority as well. For instance, explaining certain subjects to be disclosed: StopSpillet reference (Danish Responsible Gambling Helpline), Age limit and DGA information as well.

For Sweden, the ‘Spellag 2018:1138’, the Swedish Gambling Act, is at the basis of the iGaming industry for Sweden. Section 3, Article 3, states that only operators with a valid license given by the Spelinspektionen, Swedish Gambling Authority, are allowed to offer online games of chance in Sweden. Section 15 of the Swedish Gambling Act then contains relevant information for marketing in a compliant manner.

Using the available legislative information per jurisdiction, it has been possible for QMRA to write codes that reflect relevant compliance standards.

Join QMRA by following 6 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Affiliate submits an application through the QMRA application form.
  • Step 2: Affiliate will invest a yearly fee of 695,- (ex VAT) per website, or 595,- per website if three or more websites are offered.
  • Step 3: The QMRA legal team will conduct compliance checks. These checks are based upon the relevant QMRA code, which is based upon the applicable legislation.
  • Step 4: Affiliate will either receive the quality mark if the website is found compliant with the QMRA code, or will receive a feedback report from the QMRA team. A compliant website will receive a report as well, explaining why the website has been found compliant.
  • Step 5: The affiliate will act on feedback, if there is any.
  • Step 6: When the website has been found compliant, the affiliate will receive a logo pack and will be allowed to show the logo for one year in the website footer. The affiliate will link to https://qmra.eu/members/affiliates/, and QMRA will place a logo and link back to the affiliate’s website.
  • Step 7: After one year, the website is up for recertification.


Benefits of joining QMRA as an iGaming Affiliate

Joining QMRA as an iGaming Affiliate comes with several benefits. Below, we will explain how affiliates will benefit from being a QMRA member.


Legislative knowledge for QMRA members

QMRA is based on legislation relevant to its members, per jurisdiction. This means that members benefit from the feedback reports provided by QMRA. It’s important to note that even if a website is found to be compliant outright, the affiliate still receives a report explaining why the website was deemed compliant. This interactive approach of  QMRA contributes significantly to understanding compliance with legislation. This proves particularly valuable in the highly regulated iGaming industry. Reports will contain references to applicable legislation, explaining how and why a certain action is needed.


Instilling trust in operators, consumers and authorities

QMRA has been established with a serious and professional approach. The organization behind QMRA boasts years of compliance experience within the international iGaming industry. With the proof of the successful Dutch quality mark KVA, prospective members know they are dealing with an official quality mark.

Having the QMRA logo in the website footer thus demonstrates to operators, consumers, and authorities that your website is reliable. You have taken the effort to undergo the rigorous checks of QMRA.


Positive exposure and link structure value

QMRA is a unique concept. Within the iGaming sector, there are few to no quality marks that, independently, are based on actual compliance checks. The professionalism and successful evidential power of the QMRA thus contribute to positive exposure for its members.

QMRA cannot be seen as anything other than a concept that greatly contributes to responsible gambling. As a member, you demonstrate that you are a professional and serious entity. Where the QMRA requests a no-follow link in the footer, all members additionally receive a do-follow link from the member page.


Interested? Join QMRA as an iGaming Affiliate!

Are you interested in joining the QMRA? We would be delighted to welcome you as a member. If you have any questions, please send an email to info@qmra.eu or fill out the application form directly.

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