Denmark’s online gaming market is strictly regulated. Affiliates are allowed to promote properly licenced operators in accordance with Danish gambling laws. The Danish Act on Gambling (“Gambling Act”), explains that gambling providers may offer games of chance if they have a valid license (Section 1, Article 3, subsection 1).

Danish iGaming licenses are to be granted by the Danish Gambling Commission (known as the Spillemyndigheden).

Properly licenced affiliates are allowed in Denmark. However, this is assuming they follow the strict rules as set forth by the Danish Gambling Commission. We will illustrate the rules for Danish affiliates further in this article (such as they follow from the Danish Act on Gambling and the decisions and rulings of the Danish Gambling Commission).

Additionally, we will illustrate the ways in which Danish affiliates would benefit greatly from joining with our quality mark. Our Danish Compliance Code offers the opportunity for affiliates to learn about Danish iGaming compliance, and to better live up to the increasingly strict standards concerning this particular subject.

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Rules for Danish affiliates explained

As said, it is only legal to offer games of chance in Denmark with a valid license (see Article 3, subsection 1 of the Danish Act on Gambling). The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) oversees the licensing procedure. Additionally, the DGA is responsible for ensuring a safe, reliable and legal Danish gambling market. The DGA dedicates itself towards three major goals:

  • To represent the interests of consumers and work towards reducing the risks of social damage that gambling might bring;
  • To achieve a healthy and safe gambling market for both consumer and provider;
  • To reduce the supply of illegal games and lotteries present within the Danish Gambling Market to as near to zero as possible.

Denmark is in the process of strengthening its gambling regulations as well.


Danish iGaming Affiliate activities

Illegal iGaming Promotion in Denmark

Section 12, Article 59, subsection 2 of the Danish Act on Gambling forbids promotion of illegal gambling. The DGA listed all legal operators on their website: ‘licence holders. This list contains licensed operators within Denmark.


Be aware:

Danish Gambling legislation opts a very broad definition of marketing (advertising and other measures during business activities which are intended to promote the sale of and access to products including a trader’s action, omissions or other measures or behaviour before, during or after sale or delivery of products to consumers or traders). This means that Danish iGaming affiliates should be extra careful. Any form of ‘marketing’ related to illegal operators might possibly count as an offence.

If a Danish affiliate desires to write about illegal operators (for SEO purposes for instance), the affiliate should ensure that the following is taken into account:

  • They must write about illegal operators in a strictly objective manner, and ensure that they in no way encourage the reader to partake in registering at illegal operators such as these;
  • They must ensure that they do not give the impression that illegal operators are popular or trustworthy in Denmark;
  • They must not rank services from illegal operators (do not give 4 out of 5 stars for certain products for instance);
  • They must never provide a direct link or show the website URL of an illegal operator.


Responsible use of channels

The Act on Gambling outlines strict regulations regarding gambling marketing in Denmark. Section 5, article 36 mandates moderation and prohibits targeting individuals under 18. Non-compliance with these rules is a violation of the Act on Gambling. Affiliates must explicitly state their non-targeting of minors and the minimum age requirement of 18 on all platforms. Various methods, such as pop-ups and age restrictions on social media channels, can be employed to enforce this.

Careful and balanced expressions

The Act on Gambling in Denmark enforces strict guidelines on gambling marketing. Section 5 of the Act on Gambling mandates compliance with good marketing practices, defined in article 36, to protect consumers. Misleading marketing, implying risk-free gambling, or exaggerating winning possibilities is prohibited. Moderation must be observed to prevent excessive gambling.

Affiliates must avoid promoting gambling as a solution to financial or personal problems, and refrain from encouraging irresponsible gambling behaviours. Messages implying guaranteed wins or linking gambling to success are also prohibited. Responsible gambling messaging and avoidance of pressuring tactics are crucial. Affiliates should emphasize gambling for entertainment, not monetary gain, and discourage excessive participation. Explicitly stating the importance of responsible gambling and the undesirability of excessive gambling is essential to ensure compliance.

Aligning marketing with addiction prevention

The Danish Gambling Authority’s regulations require licensed providers to offer such resources, including risks associated with gambling, helpline contacts, and self-exclusion options. While affiliates are not bound by these regulations, working with licensed providers necessitates adherence to responsible gaming guidelines.

Creating a webpage dedicated to responsible gaming is recommended, easily accessible from every page of the affiliate’s site. This page should avoid marketing activities and not encourage gambling. Providing extensive resources on responsible gaming demonstrates a commitment to player well-being. Additionally, directing readers to additional help resources in Denmark further supports responsible gaming practices.


Benefits of joining QMRA for Danish affiliates

As you can see in this article, there are many compliance requirements for Danish iGaming affiliates. Joining QMRA can be very helpful in becoming and staying compliant.

QMRA is a quality mark. With compliance checks for Danish affiliates, based on our, QMRA aims to support affiliates to work at high standards. If the affiliate is found compliant with our QMRA Code for Denmark, the affiliate is allowed to have our Quality Mark present in the website footer for a year.

Of course, our Quality Mark is to be found on websites for other jurisdictions as well. Think of  My Wettanbieter for Germany for instance. What are the benefits of carrying our QMRA Quality Mark on your Danish iGaming website?


Gaining Danish iGaming Affiliate compliance knowledge

QMRA tailors its approach to the intricate regulatory landscape of the Danish iGaming market. Members benefit from detailed feedback reports meticulously crafted to align with relevant legislation. Even in cases of outright compliance, affiliates receive comprehensive reports outlining the rationale behind their compliance status. This interactive feedback mechanism empowers affiliates with deep insights into the nuances of Danish iGaming regulations.

By referencing specific legislation and elucidating the necessity of certain actions, these reports serve as invaluable resources in navigating the complexities of compliance. In Denmark’s highly regulated iGaming industry, this approach proves indispensable for affiliates striving to maintain adherence to legal requirements and industry standards.


Positive exposure and link value: being part of an evidence-based Quality Mark

For Danish iGaming affiliates, QMRA stands as a beacon of credibility in a highly regulated market. With few quality marks grounded in actual compliance checks, QMRA’s evidence-based approach sets members apart, garnering positive exposure and reinforcing their commitment to responsible gambling. By aligning with QMRA’s standards, affiliates signal their professionalism and dedication, earning valuable do-follow links and solidifying their reputation within the Danish iGaming industry.

QMRA is evidence based!

Before QMRA was launched, our organization launched a Quality Mark for the Dutch Market (Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates, generally known as KVA). The KVA, launched in September 2021, swiftly gained traction among Dutch iGaming affiliates, boasting over 85 members, including prominent international sites like Gambling.Com and Casino.Org.

Based on actual compliance checks, KVA grants a quality mark to affiliates meeting Dutch laws and regulations. With an Advisory Board comprising industry experts, KVA has earned recognition from operators, transforming Dutch affiliates into trusted entities within the sector.

Our KVA evidence led to numerous international affiliate companies to show interest in our Quality Mark. Among them:

Various well known iGaming news website posted about QMRA after the launch: Gambling Insider, iGB Affiliate, CasinoBeats, European Gaming and iGaming Future among others.


Instilling trust in operators, the Danish iGaming authorities and website visitors

By displaying the QMRA logo in your website footer, Danish iGaming affiliates signal professionalism and reliability to operators, consumers, and authorities alike. With years of compliance expertise backing QMRA and the success of the Dutch quality mark KVA, affiliates gain trust through rigorous checks, establishing themselves as reputable entities in the industry.


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